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  Mahasha Partigya Pal Ji
       Nishkam Sewa Sabha
     Eye Bank Society
    Krishna Detail
Progress Report of Nishkam Sewa Sabha (Regd.): -

1. The name of this Sabha is Nishkam Sewa Sabha Dhuri.
2. Head office is Back side Mahaveer Mandir, M.K. Road Dhuri.
3. Mahasha Partigyapal is President of the Sabha since 1993 onwards.
4. General Secretary is Praveen Kumar C/o Sh. Hem Raj Amrit Lal Pakki Gali Dhuri. Ph. No. 01675-220257.
5. Sabha has 14 Members.
6. This Sabha covers almost 35 KM area around Dhuri.
7. Sabha provides the following services:-
         a. Sabha has been working for the last 15 years. Free milk, Dalia, Khichri and Bread is served to indoor patients in the Civil Hospital Dhuri everyday morning and evening. Free medicines are given to needy poor patients. Electric Fans, Water-Cooler and Generator are taken care of & get repaired by this Sabha.30 Benches have been installed by the Sabha in the Civil Hospital for sitting of patients and their wards. The Sabha has donated one Blood Testing Machine to the Civil Hospital. Sabha has planted Trees and made Parks in the Hospital Complex and their maintenance is also done by the sabha.
         b. This Sabha provides Books, Note Books, Sweaters, Jerseys and Shoes to poor students in the city & nearest Villages Schools. Sabha has provided free coaching to poor and needy 161 students of 10th  &12th classes in the subject’s Maths, Science, and English & S.S under the leadership of 12 lecturers. An arrangement has been made to provide Scholarship to poor and intelligent students from Foundation for Excellence, INC 1850, Warburton Avenue, Suite Clara, CA 95050, USA. And Sub-office, of Foundation for Excellence India Trust “Cypress”, B Wing, 1st floor Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Mumbai-400 076 Under the scheme during the last four years an amount of RS. 7, 15,000/- has been distributed as Scholarship to intelligent and poor students. Members of the Sabha visit common places of the city after 9 P: M in winter and blankets are given to needy sleeping Beggars, Sadhus and poor needy Peoples. Sabha has installed one Submersible Pump, one Hand Pump in Govt. girls S.S.S Dhuri. One Hand Pump has been installed in Government Elementary School Bazigar Basti Dhuri.
         c. The Sabha has provided 20 water coolers and 10 cold-water tankies different palaces of the city to provide cold water to common people.
         d. A Nursery is run for the last three years in the Ram Bag Dhuri in which samplings of Flowers of different types of Fruit and Shady Trees are provided to public free of cost for plantation in their houses. In 2004 under the Green Neighborhood Project, the Sabha in different Schools, Hospitals, Dharamshalas, Samshan Ghats, Other Government, Panchayati & private lands, has planted 289500 Plants. The purpose is to make area Green & Beautiful free from pollution.
         e. The Sabha organizes Langers, nature cure, pulse polio and medical camps with the help of Dhuri Netra Bank Samiti (Regd.) Dhuri.
         f. 70 Kgs. of Food Grains and water are provided dally to Birds in New Gowshalla.
         g. The sabha helped in adopting two orphan children by needy parents of village Ladda after completing proper legal formalities.
         h. The Sabha has also provided monitory help in the marriage of 44 Poor Girls till now.
         i. Sabha has sent 11 Trucks of Food, Cloths & Shoes to People of flood, earthquake affected areas in Orissa and Gujarat & during the Kargil War and a draft of Rs. 5,96,000/- was sent with the cooperation of Beopar Mandal Dhuri.
         j. The Sabha is providing 20 kg of Wheat Atta every month to 48 poor families of the city.
The Sabha has also established a Sewing, Tailoring & Thudding Center for girls in the premises of Nishkam Sewa Sabha office, back side Mahaveer Mandir Dhuri. 4th Section of 32 Girls has completed training in 6 months & 5th Batch of 40 Girls in two session 20 girls has started training in this year. 

             Total List of the Members Nishkam Sewa (Regd.) Dhuri





Tele Ph. No.



Mahasha Partigya Pal S/o Mahasha Kundan Lal


Mal Godown Road Ward No. 5 Dhuri

01675 222182




Sh. Parveen Kumar S/o Sh. Hem Raj


M/s Hem Raj Amrit Lal Pakki Galli Dhuri

01675 220257

99146 20257



Sh. Kamal Kishor S/o Sh. Bnarsi Das


Near Gita Bhawan Dhuri





Sh. Vinod Kumar (Kala)

S/o Sh. Nasib Chand


Singla Provision Store M.K.Road Dhuri

01675 222849



Sh. Narinder Kumar S/o Sh. Babu Ram


Ward No. 10 Near Jindal Public School Dhuri

99153 77735



Sh. Lachman Singh (Babba) S/o Sh. Pirthi Chand

Gold smith

Shiv Puri Mohala Main Galli Dhuri

97805 -29606



Sh.Rakesh Kumar S/o Sh. Ramsaran Dass


Pakki Galli Dhuri



01676 277489



Sh. Mulakh Raj S/o Sh. Babu Ram


SarbJeet Markit Dhuri

01675 224153




Sh. Surjeet Singh S/o Sh. Mohinder Singh


Near Civil Hospital Dhuri




Master Rameshber Das s/o Sh. Ram Lal


Shiv Puri Mohala Main Galli Dhuri

94174 05540

0175 224440



Sh. Rajinder Kumar S/o Sh.

Mathura Parsad

Gold smith

Near Civil Hospital Dhuri




Sh. Vinod Verma  (Bhola) S/o Sh.Dharm Pal



M/s Verma Garments Sadder Bazar Dhuri





Gurbinder Singh S/o Sh. Amer Singh

Majvi Sikh

W.No. 3 Dharmpura Mohala Dhuri




Sh.Happy Dheer (Electrician) S/o Sh. Rameshber Dass



Shiv Puri Mohala Dhuri




Roshan Lal S/o Sh. Ganga Ram


Madho Puri Mohala Bazigar Basti Dhuri





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