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Mahasha Partigya Pal Ji
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Welcome Gowshalla Comittee Dhuri (Regd.)

Gowshalla committee has been working for the last 100 years. Three Gowshalla are working under the committee. Due to the shortage of space in the old Gowshalla a new Gowshalla was built 15 years back & 3rd Branch of this Goushalla has been built at Village Harchand Pur in 3-Acre areas. There are 1329 Cows in all, in both the Gowshallas. Among them there are many Cows, which are handicapped, and physically not sound. Out of these only 156 Cows give milk.

1. Gowshalla Committee has its head office at Gowshalla M.K.Road Dhuri
2. The President of the committee is Sh. Parkash Chand.
3. Mahasha Partigya Pal is the vice president of the committee from 1972 onwards.
4. General Secretary is Mr. Brij Bhushan Bansal advocate Sadder Bazaar Dhuri.
5. This committee has 37 Members.
6. This committee is working with in the area of approx.30 KM.
Daily Expenditure of Gowshalla Committee is Rs. 37000/-approximately. Where as daily income from cow milk, Aggricultuior & other sores   is Rs. 27,500/- approximately. The deficit of Rs. 9,500/- per day is covered through public donation. There are 3 open Sheds, 18 covered Sheds for summer & winter with all modern facilities & 10 Sheds are to keep dry fodder. There are 6 Submersible Pumps for water. There are 34 quarters for labour. Their are 2 Gober Gas Plants Jebic fertilizer & pesticidesare also prepared. From Cow Urine & Gober. Some medicines are also prepared, for Eyes, Diabetes, Piles, and Tooth Manjan etc. From Cow Gober a medicine is prepared which is very helpful in delivery cases without operation. We also product organic food grains in 25 acres.

3rd Branch of Gowshalla is under construction in Gowshalla Committee land   at village Harchandpur.Nearly Rs. 82 Lacks (Rupees Eighty two Lacks) has been spent till now. This amount has been received as Donation from the peoples & grant from Animal Welfare Board of India Chennai. The approximate expenditure is Rs.90 lacks.

Gowshalla has 5 Tractors, 13 Trolleys & 3 Reapers for making dry fodders. 48 Employees and one vet. Dr. 3 vet. Pharmacists work in Gowshalla on regular basis. There is a separate Shed for pregnant Cows with all modern facilities. Milk is supplied with coupon System. The account of Gowshalla is maintained daily and audited by the Chartered Accountants every year.

           Gowshalla M.K. Road, Dhuri
       Panchvati Gowshalla Dhuri
     Gowshalla Vill. Harchandpur
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